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Charité intensiv: Chapter 3: HOPING (english subtitles) | Video der Sendung vom 13.04.2021 20:00 Uhr (13.4.2021)

Lilly Koppelkamm, Intensivpflegerin der Station 43 der Charité; Quelle: rbb/Carl Gierstorfer/Docdays

Chapter 3: HOPING (english subtitles)

13.04.2021 ∙ Charité intensiv rbb Fernsehen
Logo: Charité intensiv: Station 43 (Quelle: rbb)

The entire ICU 43 team is spurred on when a Covid patient fights their way back to life despite a poor prognosis. For the patients, it's a long road to recovery: breathing, speaking, walking - they have to relearn everything that was once self-evident. In a community brought together by fate, doctors, survivors and their relatives battle to defy the challenges of recovery.

Bild: rbb/Carl Gierstorfer/Docdays
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