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Reportage & Dokumentation: Wikileaks - USA against Julian Assange (english subtitles) | Video der Sendung vom 07.09.2020 20:50 Uhr (7.9.2020)

Wikileaks - Die USA gegen Julian Assange

Wikileaks - USA against Julian Assange (english subtitles)

07.09.2020 ∙ Reportage & Dokumentation Das Erste
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Is he a criminal or a revolutionary? The film tells the story of the rise and fall of Julian Assange. Once a celebrated publicist and over the years decried as an eccentric, spy and rapist. The documentary shows a differentiated picture of Julian Assange and Wikileaks. For the first time in German television Assange's fiancée gives an interview. Further interviews, amongst others, with former CIA-director Leon Panetta, Edward Snowden and John Shipton.

Bild: NDR/ picture alliance / AP / Fritz Gnad
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