Tiere bis unters Dach: Повна хата тварин - 112 серія - Тогувабогу | Video der Sendung vom 23.08.2022 15:46 Uhr (23.8.2022) mit Untertitel

Ronja liegt bewusstlos neben einem Feuersalamander im Wald

Повна хата тварин - 112 серія - Тогувабогу

23.08.2022 ∙ Tiere bis unters Dach ∙ KiKA
Tiere bis unters Dach

Ronja and Toni fear for the life of a fire salamander. While roaming around in the woods together, Ronja fell down a slope and hit the little animal. Since the salamander hardly moves anymore, the two girls are very worried. When trying to save the animal, Toni, Ronja and Pari keep missing each other. Once the fire salamander has finally been brought to vet Kajo, everyone agrees: What a hurly-burly day!

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