Charité intensiv: Chapter 4: BELIEVING (english subtitles) | Video der Sendung vom 31.03.2022 00:43 Uhr (31.3.2022)

Intensivmediziner und Oberarzt Jan Kruse; Quelle: rbb/Carl Gierstorfer/Docdays

Chapter 4: BELIEVING (english subtitles)

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As the second wave of the pandemic subsides, the ICU 43 team take a moment to catch their breath. On the threshold between life and death, these doctors and nurses have reached the limits of intensive care medicine – and of themselves. Some Covid patients become the medical miracles the team have longed for: the survivors of the pandemic. Many others don't make it. In the end, the team is faced with the question: what’s left? And, with a look at the newly rising infection rates: what's next?

Bild: rbb/Carl Gierstorfer/Docdays
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