Tiere bis unters Dach: Повна хата тварин - 116 серія - Сліпа довіра | Video der Sendung vom 23.08.2022 14:55 Uhr (23.8.2022) mit Untertitel

Tiere bis unters Dach: Lucy mit Pferd Pirat

Повна хата тварин - 116 серія - Сліпа довіра

23.08.2022 ∙ Tiere bis unters Dach ∙ KiKA
Tiere bis unters Dach

Lucy cannot believe it: Her foster horse Pirate has a rare eye disease and is now at risk of going blind in the other eye. The owner wants to put the horse down! But she did not count on animal rescuer Lucy! In the middle of this excitement, Paulina returns to the horse farm with a lot of emotional chaos in her luggage. Her new love Martha has kept Paulina a secret from her mother. Paulina is devastated when she finds out. Is Martha serious about their relationship at all?

Bild: SWR, Maria Wiesler